Marcos, the original face of 500 peso bill

This was the original design of the 500 peso bill but never saw print as EDSA 1 dawned in the country.

With all the accomplishments of his presidency, what is burying him at Libingan ng mga Bayani? 

Time to move forward Philippines. 


Danding Cojuangco, the mastermind behind Aquino murder?

It has been said so many times already, if Marcos wanted to kill Ninoy, He could have done it conveniently anytime while Ninoy was languishing in jail for seven years.

Ninoy was even sentenced to death by a military tribunal, but Marcos didn’t carry out the verdict.
When Ninoy needed an urgent heart-bypass, Imelda Marcos personally arranged for his flight to the U.S. together with his wife Cory and all their kids.

While in the U.S, Marcos didn’t fail to warn Ninoy of an intelligence report that the Communists will kill him should he return to the country.

And so, on that fateful day of Aug 21 1983, using the alias ‘Marcial Bonifacio‘ in a fake passport, Ninoy was daringly assasinated while disembarking from the plane. He was shot in close range before he could even set foot again in his native land.

The intel report was only partially accurate. The threat did not come from the Communists, but from within a certain quarter of the government itself. A military conspiracy it was, but Marcos has nothing to do with it. The military officers who were tasked by the president to arrest and secure Ninoy upon arrival, apparently took a second instruction, from the brains behind the plot.

The objective was to bring down Marcos. Killing Ninoy was merely ‘the means to an end‘. And true enough, Marcos was the convenient suspect, and his downfall came after just three short years.

So who did it?

Danding Cojuangco

First degree cousin of Cory and uncle of Noynoy. Blood family.

Pablo Martinez, one of the soldiers convicted for the Aquino murder in 1990, spilled the beans as early as 1994. He became a born-again christian inside Bilibid and related to his fellow inmates the real story.

He named Danding Cojuangco as the mastermind behind the espionage.

M/Sgt Pablo Martinez

Martinez gave a chilling recount of the events leading to Aug 21 1983 and that, ‘Cojuangco boys’ paid the expenses in plotting the kill. read more: Newsbreak 11/23/07 story


But Cory & Noynoy did not pursue this revelation. With the warm relationship between the two Aquino presidents (the widow and the son of Ninoy) and the United States, why did they never ask for assistance in the repatriation of two former military officers hiding in the US. Two crucial figures who were considered as the missing link in the quest for answer in Ninoy’s death. Read more: Manila Times story by Rigoberto Tiglao

Former Justice Secretary Raul Gonzales once divulged that early in her presidency, Cory was offered by an eyewitness to divulge the truth in exchange for a guarantee of protection for her family. President Cory asked who will be implicated by the witness. “Danding” Gonzales told her. “That’s stupendous” Cory reacted. The said witness vanished after that, never to be heard of again.

Death of a witness

In 2014, while biking in Roxas boulevard, Martinez was run over by an SUV vehicle. Witnesses said it was no accident. Read more: Interaksyon story on Pablo Martinez


If Cory and Ninoy did not show interest in knowing the truth, could it be because they knew it all along? For me, these are easy to connect dots. Few days from today, we will commemorate the 33rd anniversary of Ninoy’s martyrdom. It is time to put closure to the issue.

In August 21, 1983, Ninoy and Marcos both died that day.

5 Reasons Mayor Tom is in the headlines 

​Since his return to the city hall, Cebu City Mayor Tomas Osmeña made headlines not for new projects initiated but for the things he stopped or recalled.

Some look at it as indication of a strong and decisive leader, others call it, the pinnacle of arrogance.

5 things that make the comebacking mayor controversial. Here we go:

1. Mega Cebu membership Cebu city is the heart of the metropolis, exclude it and there is no Mega Cebu to envision or even dream about. They call it CCexit, I simply call it blackmail.

I don’t have anything to do with Mega Cebu. It is Mega Cebu now minus one,”Mayor Tom 

Read here: Sunstar: City backs out of Mega Cebu

2. Recall of City owned vehicles

​Recalled for ‘inventory purposes’, these vehicles previously issued to the barangays serve various purposes. Confiscating it for an indefinite period of time hampers the delivery of basic services. 

Read here: Cebu Daily News: Tom taketh away

3. Police reward and allowance

​He started early and strong in the campaign against drugs, giving outright reward for every criminal and druglord killed but Mayor Tom backpedals when the city police chief was replaced without his consent.  

“Kamo na lay magbuot…”  –Tom O.

Read here: Sunstar: Tomas stops reward

4.Sinulog sa Kabataan 

​Sinulog has always been participated by students. Without them, Sinulog will not be this popular today. Its like halo-halo minus the ice. 

“Who are the models of Sto. Niño? The night high school students who are trying to study or the other people out the street making noise so these people (night students) cannot study ”          –Mayor Tom

Read more: CDN: No more Sinulog sa Kabataan

5. Miss Cebu

​After 32 years, the annual beauty pageant showcasing the beauty and  talent from Cebu city’s barangays will no longer be a title to covet. No more crown to aspire!

“Ms Cebu will be canceled. Why? (It’s a) waste of money. It’s very elitist. It’s only for the rich,”

 – Mayor Tom

Read more: Sunstar: Time to stop Miss Cebu

Its just the second month of his fresh term, Mayor Tom is only warming up. For sure, this list is far from complete.

-photo credit to the rightful owners

Metro Stores growing fast

Homegrown supermarket brand,  Metro Stores, is riding the waves of exponential growth as it nets P262M for the past 12 months.

Recognized as the market leader in the Visayas for the hypermarket segment, Metro Retail Stores Group continue to position itself as the dominant player in the region with the opening  of new stores in key cities and fast-growing towns.  

Metro Stores recently entered a contract with Ayala Malls for the operation of four (4) supermarkets and/or department stores in upcoming Ayala developments in Cebu, Negros Occidental and in Metro Manila.

Negros Oriental will also have its first Metro Store soon as the company inked a partnership deal with the local government unit.

Growing 26% year on year, the company is showing strong indications that it is gearing towards becoming a major player in the retail industry, this time, not only in the Visayas. 

Indeed, there’s something for you at the METRO! 

President  vs. Chief Justice

​Tanan nasayod nganong gihingusgan ni P-Du30 kining kampanya batok druga. Gugma sa nasod!  Walay laing motibo ang atong Presidente.

Ako mohagit dili lang sa Chief Justice apan natong tanan Pilipino, unsa bay atong natampo niining  gubat nga atong giatubang karon?

Asa kutob atong pagmahal sa atong nasod? Andam ba tang ibaylo atong kinabuhi alang niini?

          Ang Pagkuyanap sa Druga

Mao na ni ang resulta sa pagbuta-bungol sa katawhan. Kutob ra sa pagtan-aw. Samotan pa paglubog  sa way pakabana ug taphaw nga’media’.

Apan ang pait sa tanan, ang pagkutaw sa linugaw na nga sistema sa atong hustisya! 

Madam Chief Justice, nganong nahimugso ang pamunoang Duterte?  



Drama Rama

Daw nagtan-aw ta ug drama rama sa hapon sa mga reaksyon nilang gipanghinganlan ni Presidente Duterte. 

Ako nagtuo nga kulang pa to nga listahan apan paabot lng ta….

Abangan ang susunod na drama ni rama, aw unsa ba!



Nganong idlas man kaayo nato ang bulawan nga medalya sa Olympics? 

Kung lumba lng ug dagan, ngano dili man nato ipadala nang mga manglabnihay sa Colon, kalisod hiapsan ana nila, samot na ug ‘relay’.

Sa langoy ug patidlom sa dagat pud, hain na ang mga Bajau? Himbisan man kaha na sila.

Sa target shooting, ngano wala moapil si Dumpit ug mga DDS?

Bitaw, kung naa lng untay Bowling,  di lang 10 ka gold nahatag ni Paeng Nepomuceno nato.

Kung nalakip lng pud unta ang Billiard, laing 10 ka gold mahakot ni Efren Bata Reyes.
Hasta sa Dragon Boat contest, sigurado unta ta nga maka gold, Sa Karate, Arnis, Chess, ug iapil pa ang Siatom ug piko. Syaro!

Kitang Pilipino dili banga, lain lang atong mga duwa!

Naa pay Tong-its, maski kinsa sa Andres Abellana mo champion ani.

Busa, kanang idlas nga bulawan sa Olympics, dili angay gukoron!


Batakang balaod

Ang paghisgot kalabot sa batakang balaod, itugyan ngadto sa mga lantip nga abugado, sa mga eksperto. Sa maka-mao.

Kay sa mga butang nga kulang ta sa kasayuran ug kahibalo, dili angayan magpa tuga-tuga.

Sa nag-ingon nga 44% sa katawhan dili uyon nga kini usbon, naghalhal lang mo. 

Kung 8 sa 10 ka Pilipino wa gani masayod sa bisan usa ka artikulo niini, asa gud tawn gikan na inyong numero.

Ayaw unhi pag kondisyon ang huna-huna sa mga inosenteng lungsoranon!

Inyong survey, usapa na! 


30 ni Du30

Sa 30 ka adlaw ni Du30, may nakab-ot ba? may nalampos ba? 

Sayop nga pangutana.

Ikaw, unsa may imong natampo, unsa may imong nahimo na para sa nasod?

Kana maoy pangutana!