Duterte administration gets ‘very high’ rating according to latest SWS survey

Hovering at +64 % net satisfaction rating, the Duterte administration continue to enjoy one of the highest satisfaction rating of all time according to the latest Business World sponsored SWS survey conducted in June 2017.

Highlighted in the survey is the public perception on specific issues and most notable is the upswing in net satisfaction rating of the current government in protecting the human rights. From +23% in September 2016 to +55% in June 2017.

 The incumbent government also scored ‘Very good’ in the areas of ‘Protecting the poor’, ‘Providing jobs’ and ‘Defending the country’s territorial rights’

Here’s the rest of the survey:  SWS June 2017 National Government Performance Survey


Marcos, the original face of 500 peso bill

This was the original design of the 500 peso bill but never saw print as EDSA 1 dawned in the country.

With all the accomplishments of his presidency, what is burying him at Libingan ng mga Bayani? 

Time to move forward Philippines. 

Danding Cojuangco, the mastermind behind Aquino murder?

It has been said so many times already, if Marcos wanted to kill Ninoy, He could have done it conveniently anytime while Ninoy was languishing in jail for seven years.

Ninoy was even sentenced to death by a military tribunal, but Marcos didn’t carry out the verdict.
When Ninoy needed an urgent heart-bypass, Imelda Marcos personally arranged for his flight to the U.S. together with his wife Cory and all their kids.

While in the U.S, Marcos didn’t fail to warn Ninoy of an intelligence report that the Communists will kill him should he return to the country.

And so, on that fateful day of Aug 21 1983, using the alias ‘Marcial Bonifacio‘ in a fake passport, Ninoy was daringly assasinated while disembarking from the plane. He was shot in close range before he could even set foot again in his native land.

The intel report was only partially accurate. The threat did not come from the Communists, but from within a certain quarter of the government itself. A military conspiracy it was, but Marcos has nothing to do with it. The military officers who were tasked by the president to arrest and secure Ninoy upon arrival, apparently took a second instruction, from the brains behind the plot.

The objective was to bring down Marcos. Killing Ninoy was merely ‘the means to an end‘. And true enough, Marcos was the convenient suspect, and his downfall came after just three short years.

So who did it?

Danding Cojuangco

First degree cousin of Cory and uncle of Noynoy. Blood family.

Pablo Martinez, one of the soldiers convicted for the Aquino murder in 1990, spilled the beans as early as 1994. He became a born-again christian inside Bilibid and related to his fellow inmates the real story.

He named Danding Cojuangco as the mastermind behind the espionage.

M/Sgt Pablo Martinez

Martinez gave a chilling recount of the events leading to Aug 21 1983 and that, ‘Cojuangco boys’ paid the expenses in plotting the kill. read more: Newsbreak 11/23/07 story


But Cory & Noynoy did not pursue this revelation. With the warm relationship between the two Aquino presidents (the widow and the son of Ninoy) and the United States, why did they never ask for assistance in the repatriation of two former military officers hiding in the US. Two crucial figures who were considered as the missing link in the quest for answer in Ninoy’s death. Read more: Manila Times story by Rigoberto Tiglao

Former Justice Secretary Raul Gonzales once divulged that early in her presidency, Cory was offered by an eyewitness to divulge the truth in exchange for a guarantee of protection for her family. President Cory asked who will be implicated by the witness. “Danding” Gonzales told her. “That’s stupendous” Cory reacted. The said witness vanished after that, never to be heard of again.

Death of a witness

In 2014, while biking in Roxas boulevard, Martinez was run over by an SUV vehicle. Witnesses said it was no accident. Read more: Interaksyon story on Pablo Martinez


If Cory and Ninoy did not show interest in knowing the truth, could it be because they knew it all along? For me, these are easy to connect dots. Few days from today, we will commemorate the 33rd anniversary of Ninoy’s martyrdom. It is time to put closure to the issue.

In August 21, 1983, Ninoy and Marcos both died that day.

5 Reasons Mayor Tom is in the headlines 

​Since his return to the city hall, Cebu City Mayor Tomas Osmeña made headlines not for new projects initiated but for the things he stopped or recalled.

Some look at it as indication of a strong and decisive leader, others call it, the pinnacle of arrogance.

5 things that make the comebacking mayor controversial. Here we go:

1. Mega Cebu membership Cebu city is the heart of the metropolis, exclude it and there is no Mega Cebu to envision or even dream about. They call it CCexit, I simply call it blackmail.

I don’t have anything to do with Mega Cebu. It is Mega Cebu now minus one,”Mayor Tom 

Read here: Sunstar: City backs out of Mega Cebu

2. Recall of City owned vehicles

​Recalled for ‘inventory purposes’, these vehicles previously issued to the barangays serve various purposes. Confiscating it for an indefinite period of time hampers the delivery of basic services. 

Read here: Cebu Daily News: Tom taketh away

3. Police reward and allowance

​He started early and strong in the campaign against drugs, giving outright reward for every criminal and druglord killed but Mayor Tom backpedals when the city police chief was replaced without his consent.  

“Kamo na lay magbuot…”  –Tom O.

Read here: Sunstar: Tomas stops reward

4.Sinulog sa Kabataan 

​Sinulog has always been participated by students. Without them, Sinulog will not be this popular today. Its like halo-halo minus the ice. 

“Who are the models of Sto. Niño? The night high school students who are trying to study or the other people out the street making noise so these people (night students) cannot study ”          –Mayor Tom

Read more: CDN: No more Sinulog sa Kabataan

5. Miss Cebu

​After 32 years, the annual beauty pageant showcasing the beauty and  talent from Cebu city’s barangays will no longer be a title to covet. No more crown to aspire!

“Ms Cebu will be canceled. Why? (It’s a) waste of money. It’s very elitist. It’s only for the rich,”

 – Mayor Tom

Read more: Sunstar: Time to stop Miss Cebu

Its just the second month of his fresh term, Mayor Tom is only warming up. For sure, this list is far from complete.

-photo credit to the rightful owners


We have captured the high ground. The enemy is falling back in disarray, heavily battered and subdued.  One final push, a relentless offensive on all  sides and this menace will be vanquished once and for all.

Yes, we are winning the war on drugs!

But we, the massive phalanx behind our valiant president is not inching forward. We prod and cheer but do not actively participate. We avoid the messy part. Afraid to be involved, most of us are just enjoying the ride. Watch and cheer, cheer and watch. A country of spectators!

Is that the best we can do? Watch from the sidelines….preferably  ringside?

From boxing to basketball to beauty pageants, we cheer with passion and fervor. Known to be the liveliest audience in the world, we watch with gusto every  Pacquiao fight, Gilas outing and Azkal adventure.

During a Pacquiao fight, probably right after victory is ascertained. (credit to the owner )

Fanatical in sports, but more so, in the affairs of the nation. Classic example is EDSA  part 1 and 2. The world saw a glimpse of Filipino Patriotism. And just recently, the phenomenal campaign for the presidency of  P-DU30, the massive crowds in his sorties, the heroic volunteerism and the passion that come with the 16 million votes once again displayed our sense of nationalism. Our love for country.

Spectators and or Patriots

But are we really patriots?  We elected this president in dramatic fashion and now what?  In this war  that we are now into, there is no need for a cheering squad. We need bold warriors to stand up and engage the enemy that surround us. Drugs is everywhere. In every neighborhood, barangay and city.

So far the numbers look good. A thousand casualties, thousands more captured, and more than a hundred thousand surrenderees. All that in barely a month of battle. We have gained the upper hand, the enemy falling back in retreat and confusion. But for how long?

When these drug lords realize that we are just a bunch of spectators, the tides of war can still turn and God forbid, lose all the gains we fought so hard. This is a single chance of hit or miss.  An opportunity that may not come again in a thousand years.

The world is watching us. Will this be our finest display of patriotism or greatest blunder in history?

Now, are you a patriot or one of the rah rah boys?

The new Philippines

This is still the Philippines, our beloved country. No head or tail, all regions are equal.

For so long a time, our perspective and perception towards our nation seem to reflect with our map orientation. Luzon being on top.

Mindanao was clearly left behind in government attention and resources. Bottom dweller Mindanao has always been lagging behind in terms of development and progress.

But today things are taking  a complete turn-around. While the first Mindanaoan President is delivering his first SONA, listening attentively  behind are Senate President Koko Pimentel and House Speaker Pantaleon Alvarez. Both hails from Mindanao.

Facing the nation in a momentous occasion, our three highest leaders are all from Mindanao. This will go down in history as the epic day our map swings around. Today, Mindanao is the new north.
Sometimes we need to take an upside down look at things just to  realize or perhaps recognize our true coordinates.

Uswag Pilipinas!

6 things to expect from President DU30 this week


Duterte Is A MASTERFUL Tactician And Strategist

It seems like a he’s been there for a long time already but President Duterte will actually just start his second full week in power today. And with the accomplishments of the first, which, many believe Digong has done more compared to the full term of his predecessor, it is surely going to be another exciting week ahead. Based on his pronouncements and actuations, here’s the things Filipinos should look forward to from Tatay Digong.

  1. F.O.I (Freedom of Information Law)- Hotly debated but was never passed during the previous congress for too obvious reasons or actually the lack of any.  Duterte promised during the campaign that his government will be transparent every step of the way and as of last week, a final draft of an executive order (E.O.) for the F.O.I law has been finalized already. Expect it signed this week  (but the scope is for all agencies under the executive branch only. To include the Judiciary and Legislative branches is to encroach on the separation of powers between the 3 branches of government).
  2. DURO (Duterte-Robredo)– The only love team that can probably give ALDUB  a run for its money, Filipinos are are all eyes and ears this week for the next chapter of what many insist is a budding intimacy between the bachelor from Davao and the lady from Naga. A welcome respite from the daily feeds on drug killings.
  3.  DU35 -The epic saga of Du30 + De Lima continues and whichever side you’re on, place your bets now.
  4. West Philippine Sea – the ruling of the International Maritime court is expected on Tuesday 11 am Philippine time,  and with the verdict, the world is waiting for the statements of  both the Chinese and Philippine leaders. Don’t worry, war is far-fetched, rather, look forward to a China-sponsored  railway system in Mindanao.
  5. Duterte’s List– after naming the 5 Generals,  many are looking forward for the next installment of Duterte’s List. Sources hinted that the next chapter is longer and includes the name of at least 25 mayors among others.
  6. Bilibid 19– President Duterte has given his ultimatum to the notorious big time drug lords inside Bilibid and knowing our president and his ultimatums, something is cooking (not shabu).  “Tingnan lang ninyo…..” as he often warns.

Malacanang suspends Cebu City Mayor

For ordering the removal of a center island in one of the barangays, Cebu city Mayor Michael Rama gets 60 days suspension from Malacanang.

With this development, holidays have come early for the UNA-affiliated local executive and a ‘hands-off’ during next year’s Sinulog festival. An event crucial for 2016 elections as millions are expected to converge in Cebu’s streets to witness the annual parade dubbed as Asia’s grandest festival.

hon michael l rama

We’ll see in the morning how the Mayor and his supporters will react to this news from the capital.

Mayor Rama is set to face in May 2016 erstwhile political mentor and former mayor Tomas Osmena (LP) in a much-anticipated rematch for the mayoralty post of Cebu. Rama gave Osmena his first taste of defeat in May 2013 in a showdown many thought was too lopsided in favor of Tomas Osmena but  surprise, surprise!

Unsay masulti nimo bai?

Source: Philstar News 12/09/15

Mar Roxas, the real Foundling


Hours after Mayor Rody Duterte filed his COC for President last Friday, the Exodus began. A sea of politicians crossing the sea of party politics. All towards Duterte camp. But, it cannot be more evident in Mindanao, where 80% of incumbent officials are allied with Daang Matuwid. Now it seems administration candidate Mar Roxas has reached the end of that road.

LP Mindanao chief, former Tagum city Mayor Rey Uy said it very precisely: “We’re throwing our support to the candidacy of Mayor Duterte as this is a once-in-a-blue moon opportunity that a Mindanaoan is running for the presidency….(LP) still has vice presidential and senatorial candidates to campaign for here,” Uy told the Inquirer. “We will try our best to make Roxas the second best after Digong ” Now, what makes that of Roxas, if not a foundling?

I believe what’s happening now is an eye-opener for Mar Roxas. The elusive dream to be President should stop here. He is a hard-sell. Lack of charisma, wrong choice for a wife and elitist image did it to him.

There is always life after politics Mar.

Read more: http://newsinfo.inquirer.net/743304/several-lp-mindanao-stalwarts-abandon-roxas-in-favor-of-duterte#ixzz3speoAHPP
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