about balodoy

Balodoy is a Cebuano slang for vagabonds. We are after all, nomads in this transitory life, wanderers in constant search for something. Some are searching for peace, others just for food. Position and possession are most commonly desired. There are those looking for gratification, and there are those obsessed with power. There are those looking for a way out, and there are those looking for miracles. superbalodoyThis blog site is about my own journey and the passion that drives the vagabond in me.

I am a seller, the best there is…..I believe. You may buy the goods I offer or the opinion I espouse but you cannot buy my allegiance or submission. I welcome dissenting views to any of my posts.

That is the serious part. Superbalodoy is actually about Cebu development and updates on its economy, real estate and sometimes local governance. Anything written about national politics and those funny politicians are always satirical in form. Something to laugh about once in a while.

Thank you for dropping by.


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