Danding Cojuangco, the mastermind behind Aquino murder?

It has been said so many times already, if Marcos wanted to kill Ninoy, He could have done it conveniently anytime while Ninoy was languishing in jail for seven years.

Ninoy was even sentenced to death by a military tribunal, but Marcos didn’t carry out the verdict.
When Ninoy needed an urgent heart-bypass, Imelda Marcos personally arranged for his flight to the U.S. together with his wife Cory and all their kids.

While in the U.S, Marcos didn’t fail to warn Ninoy of an intelligence report that the Communists will kill him should he return to the country.

And so, on that fateful day of Aug 21 1983, using the alias ‘Marcial Bonifacio‘ in a fake passport, Ninoy was daringly assasinated while disembarking from the plane. He was shot in close range before he could even set foot again in his native land.

The intel report was only partially accurate. The threat did not come from the Communists, but from within a certain quarter of the government itself. A military conspiracy it was, but Marcos has nothing to do with it. The military officers who were tasked by the president to arrest and secure Ninoy upon arrival, apparently took a second instruction, from the brains behind the plot.

The objective was to bring down Marcos. Killing Ninoy was merely ‘the means to an end‘. And true enough, Marcos was the convenient suspect, and his downfall came after just three short years.

So who did it?

Danding Cojuangco

First degree cousin of Cory and uncle of Noynoy. Blood family.

Pablo Martinez, one of the soldiers convicted for the Aquino murder in 1990, spilled the beans as early as 1994. He became a born-again christian inside Bilibid and related to his fellow inmates the real story.

He named Danding Cojuangco as the mastermind behind the espionage.

M/Sgt Pablo Martinez

Martinez gave a chilling recount of the events leading to Aug 21 1983 and that, ‘Cojuangco boys’ paid the expenses in plotting the kill. read more: Newsbreak 11/23/07 story


But Cory & Noynoy did not pursue this revelation. With the warm relationship between the two Aquino presidents (the widow and the son of Ninoy) and the United States, why did they never ask for assistance in the repatriation of two former military officers hiding in the US. Two crucial figures who were considered as the missing link in the quest for answer in Ninoy’s death. Read more: Manila Times story by Rigoberto Tiglao

Former Justice Secretary Raul Gonzales once divulged that early in her presidency, Cory was offered by an eyewitness to divulge the truth in exchange for a guarantee of protection for her family. President Cory asked who will be implicated by the witness. “Danding” Gonzales told her. “That’s stupendous” Cory reacted. The said witness vanished after that, never to be heard of again.

Death of a witness

In 2014, while biking in Roxas boulevard, Martinez was run over by an SUV vehicle. Witnesses said it was no accident. Read more: Interaksyon story on Pablo Martinez


If Cory and Ninoy did not show interest in knowing the truth, could it be because they knew it all along? For me, these are easy to connect dots. Few days from today, we will commemorate the 33rd anniversary of Ninoy’s martyrdom. It is time to put closure to the issue.

In August 21, 1983, Ninoy and Marcos both died that day.


42 thoughts on “Danding Cojuangco, the mastermind behind Aquino murder?

  1. Wala bang pananagutan ang mga Aquino sa mga Marcos kung bakit si Marcos ang itinuturo nilang pumatay kay Ninoy? Ngayon at lumabas na ang tunay na nangyari sa pagkamatay ni Ninoy?


      • And thanks God they’re back in power. The Marcos Family have no guilt the death of Ninoy Aquino he Ninoy was the one digging his own grave. The karma strikes with the Aquino and today there will be more Aquino in the Philippine politics.


    • kaya nga wala ng nanalo sa mga kasamahang dilaw? That is now called the Karma. Who are the people who won in the elections? it was BBM for vice President and now senator Imee


    • Opinion ko Lang Ang mga Marcos ay simpleng Tao lamang sila,mapagkumbaba at napaka silent nilang pamilya,masakit man Ang ginawa Ng mga Aquino pero ipinalangin nila makalabas at lalabas din Ang katotohanan,


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  3. REVEAL THE TRUTHS ABOUT THAT ASSASSINATION and correct the political miseducation, misinformation and misleading campaigns done in the past thirty years or more.

    3. The people of this country suffered so much already since 1986 and only this time that we could
    start rising up as a nation from the economic bottom as among poorest in the ASEAN REGION
    due to that event.



  4. As the Buddha had proclaimed. “3 things that can not be kept hidden, the Sun, the Moon and the Truth” they always come out at right moment.


  5. This is a tall tale conspiracy theory being fed by marcos loyalists. So what does cojuangco really gain from his supposed act. Marcos is the prime beneficiary of the killing. If it was cojuangco then marcos would have certainly known about it since he controlled the.military… not cojuangco. Kaya nga nasipa si marcos sa edsa. The perpetrators including generals custodio and ver were investigated by the agrava commision and subsequently exonerated. Assuming cojuangco had a hand in it… ver and marcos could not have known about it what with their complete control of the military during that time. So now why did he not jave cojuangco tried in court?
    Isip isip lang pag may time


    • This has been talked about years ago. Who was in power then? The Aquinos. You mudt have missed the spat among the Cojuancos. Root cause. THE Aquino


    • Eh bakit hindi persistence and Aquinos to Solve the Case… Kahit naging president sila di parin nila pursue yung Case… Isip isip din pag may time.


      • All this talk is marcos family and minions effort to boost family members to get back to malacanang. Has it ever occured to you that outside marcos circle, people are convinced marcos masterminded it… kaya nga he was forced out of power. Napatay na nila ninoy. Patay na si lakay ferdie . Sige go ahead continue wasting your time on your revision efforts. Only marcos follower would like to believe your conspiracy theory. Like you said…isip isp din pag may tkme


      • Obviously you were not at edsa during the people power event. Marcos and Ver did learn of planned mutiny ahead of its execution kaya nga enrile and ramos upon learning of their impending arrest decided to put up a last stand in camp crame and aguinaldo. edsa was actually a botched coup plot against marcos. Marcos miscalculated the response of the people and was eventually forced out of power. Edsa was not a planned event but people just fed up with Marcos’ misdeeds. Now, after marcos, I was not happy also with how the two aquino’s run the country. But no amount of dissatisfaction with the aquinos will ever make Marcos’ wrongdoings right. All this attempts by Marcos’ followers to immortalize marcos is just to boost BBM’s chances in getting back to malacanang. Kaya ng may battle cry is n more aquino or marcos back at malacanang. Marami pang magagaling na pinoy diyan


  6. I believe Noynoy Aquino (as former President) – should shoulder the consequences as he must suppose to arrest danding cojuanco and tell countrymen their mistakes – so…people of the Philippines might forgive them.


  7. This information about the killing of Ninoy Aquino was circulating in social media and i don’t think so if the the two Aquinos who became a president were blind with this. My question is, why they did not give importance to solve this case so that the Filipnos will know the true killer? Why until now they keep on saying that marcos is responsible
    of this crime? Noe, I challenge you Miss Kris Aquino and the rest of your family to re open this case and jail the true mastermind of the killing of your father. Show what you’ve Got being an Aquino daughter who wants to know the true justice as you always say. The public also deserved to know.


    • They won’t allow a deep investigation of Ninoy’s death for if the truth comes out, mawawala ang pagiging martyr kuno ni Ninoy…sayang, sikat na eh…hayaan nalang anyway deteriorated naman ang health ni Ninoy that time, bakit hindi nalang magpakamatay kuno para sa bayan…galing!


  8. Let the People know the REAL TRUTH of NINOY’S DEATH…
    I challenge Ms. Kris Aquino to reveal the TRUTH of his father’s assassination plot & the mastermind in order to put an end in this issue. The people has the right to know the ” TRUTH “…


    • Nagbulagbulagan sila Kris at abnoy aquino sa katotohanan..dahil kamaganak nila ang tunay na salarin kaya tikom ang bunganga nila.


  9. Kung ang mga Parojinog kyang itokhang yan pa kya sa laki ng na damage sa Pilipinas sa kaggawan ng halimaw na Danding na yan sa dami ng buhay na binuwis ng mga Pilipino sa kagagawan nya, let the Duterte administration to implement the arrest so that the soul of the Pilipino people who died in EDSA would be peace to go to heaven..


  10. The TRUTH will set the Filipinos free… If not, all are slaves to falsity…and doomed to slavery of sin…May God set us free.Amen.


    • kung si Ver at Imelda gumawa nyan hindi makakalusot sa kaalaman ng nakapaligid at taumbayan. Hindi nila magagawa yon dahil alam nilang ikakabagsak ng Marcos regime.

      Communist at private individual tulad ni danding makakagawa nyan.


  11. Bakit nga ba hindi nila binuksan ang kaso ng pagkamatay ni Ninoy samantalang naging dalawang Aquino ang naging presidente ng Pilipinas? Hindi ba nga kababayan nakapagtataka? Malamang na noon pa alam na nila kung sino talaga ang pumatay kay Ninoy at gusto lng nilang manatili na hero at martyr si Ninoy. Lumalabas lng na talagang niloko tayong mga Pilipino at pinaniwala tayo na sina Marcos ang nagpapatay kay Ninoy para lalo natin kainisan ang pamilya nila. Sa paglalahad na ito talagang napakasama ng mga Aquino at mga Cojuangco. Dapat lng na paimbestigahan at ilahad ng administrasyon na ito ang tunay na pumatay kay Ninoy. Dapat din itama at baguhin ang historia ng Pilipinas tungkol sa Pamilya Marcos. Sa ngayon malinaw na sa amin ang buong pangyayari at sa ating mga kababayan, kayo na po ang humusga sa mga kasinungalingan ng mga Aquino!


  12. Dont you realize that not one of any aquino directly accused and pointed fingers to marcos as the mastermind in the kill for over the past 30 years . . . . . maingay sila at very vivid ang accusation ng pagnanakaw at martial law abuses . .. . . ha ha ha . . . di ba . . . it seems na maski mga aquino, di naniniwalang si marcos ang nagpapatay sa kanilang bayani . . .. ooohhhh


  13. Labing tatlongput (35) limang taon na ang nakaraan – dalawa (2) presidente Aquino-beneficiary sa pag-brutally MURDERED/Assassinated kay Sen. NiNoy ay walang sa kanilang dalawang Presidente ay NAGKUSA MAN LAMANG NA Ipaimbistiga, para malaman ng SAMBAYANAN KUNG SINU-SINO ANG MGA SANGKOT SA “CRIME OF THE CENTURY” — I’ll ‘volunteeer’ my ten (.10ct.) worth of analysis—…assuming that Amb. Danding Cojuangco, is the MASTERMIND, WHO ARE the IMPLIMENTORS OF THE OPERATION/PLOT- Assassination-Murder to carry-out…strictly selected Military/PC/Police loyalist…!!!/???…di ba????/!!…Ngayon ang tanong…sinu-sino ang nag-PAALIS sa MGA MARCOSES…!!!!/???… (si Cory ba at Cojuangco/Sumulong/PC-loyalist of FVR & elite Oligarchy-CIA (silent operators) that will ‘Benefit’ once the Marcoses forcibly removed from Malacanyang…..so I believed, Mr. PFEM and his people are ACTUALLY THE REAL VICTIMS….sinu pa sa kanila ang nging ???…Presidente after Cory???!!! ‘Possibly the Richest MAN in PH’…???…mfpusa/chi


  14. mmagulo ang ating Phil.history ..but then pres.Marcos is our “GREATEST” pres.ever.Why not change all the falsity publication regarding aquino’s monsterous deeds?


  15. Marcos wasn’t stupid. Why order a killing in a situation (soldiers under his command were in charge of Ninoy’s security) where he was sure to be implicated? Logic would tell you that it was someone else.


  16. Ang tao dapat nagiisip at kaya nyang panindigan ang iniisip at sinasabi nya otherwise wala syang karapatan pakinggan

    Ang dalawang AQUINOng Presidente ay puro bintang lang na hindi kayang panindigan ang salita nila.

    Ang tao kasi ay naniwala ka agad. Hindi rin nagisip. Masyadong powerful ang media dilaw nung panahon na yan kaya napakaraming naninlang .

    Ginisa ang Pilipino sa sariling mantika. Pero hindi lahat ng ikinukubli ay mananatiling nasa dilim.

    Namulat na rin ang karamihang Pilipino sa katotohanan at ramdam na rin ang kasinungalingan ng AQUINO administrasyon

    Kung matagal na panahon nahimbing ang liwanag, gaano man katagal ang dulot na unos ng mga AQUINO, lalabas at lalabas din ang tunay na liwag kasi hindi kayang supilin ng dilim ang liwanag


  17. I strongly believe that Marcos did not kill Aquino. This doesnt mean I am a pro-Marcos. After Marcos 2 terms he should have stepdown. It was the best two terms that no other presedent could equal as far as I know.


  18. Now the water is becoming clear…. we are all seeing the real truth…… I was totally blind then…… now after long years…. We hope the present admin can open the this case…. for the truth to come out…. Irregardless who will fall…. Truth will set us all free…. for a better Philippines


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