We have captured the high ground. The enemy is falling back in disarray, heavily battered and subdued.  One final push, a relentless offensive on all  sides and this menace will be vanquished once and for all.

Yes, we are winning the war on drugs!

But we, the massive phalanx behind our valiant president is not inching forward. We prod and cheer but do not actively participate. We avoid the messy part. Afraid to be involved, most of us are just enjoying the ride. Watch and cheer, cheer and watch. A country of spectators!

Is that the best we can do? Watch from the sidelines….preferably  ringside?

From boxing to basketball to beauty pageants, we cheer with passion and fervor. Known to be the liveliest audience in the world, we watch with gusto every  Pacquiao fight, Gilas outing and Azkal adventure.

During a Pacquiao fight, probably right after victory is ascertained. (credit to the owner )

Fanatical in sports, but more so, in the affairs of the nation. Classic example is EDSA  part 1 and 2. The world saw a glimpse of Filipino Patriotism. And just recently, the phenomenal campaign for the presidency of  P-DU30, the massive crowds in his sorties, the heroic volunteerism and the passion that come with the 16 million votes once again displayed our sense of nationalism. Our love for country.

Spectators and or Patriots

But are we really patriots?  We elected this president in dramatic fashion and now what?  In this war  that we are now into, there is no need for a cheering squad. We need bold warriors to stand up and engage the enemy that surround us. Drugs is everywhere. In every neighborhood, barangay and city.

So far the numbers look good. A thousand casualties, thousands more captured, and more than a hundred thousand surrenderees. All that in barely a month of battle. We have gained the upper hand, the enemy falling back in retreat and confusion. But for how long?

When these drug lords realize that we are just a bunch of spectators, the tides of war can still turn and God forbid, lose all the gains we fought so hard. This is a single chance of hit or miss.  An opportunity that may not come again in a thousand years.

The world is watching us. Will this be our finest display of patriotism or greatest blunder in history?

Now, are you a patriot or one of the rah rah boys?


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