The new Philippines

This is still the Philippines, our beloved country. No head or tail, all regions are equal.

For so long a time, our perspective and perception towards our nation seem to reflect with our map orientation. Luzon being on top.

Mindanao was clearly left behind in government attention and resources. Bottom dweller Mindanao has always been lagging behind in terms of development and progress.

But today things are taking  a complete turn-around. While the first Mindanaoan President is delivering his first SONA, listening attentively  behind are Senate President Koko Pimentel and House Speaker Pantaleon Alvarez. Both hails from Mindanao.

Facing the nation in a momentous occasion, our three highest leaders are all from Mindanao. This will go down in history as the epic day our map swings around. Today, Mindanao is the new north.
Sometimes we need to take an upside down look at things just to  realize or perhaps recognize our true coordinates.

Uswag Pilipinas!


2 thoughts on “The new Philippines

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  2. “Mindanao is the new north.” That’s a nice one. It signifies new outlook, new ways of doing things, new perceptions. This country had been led by northerners for most part of history. While some hailed from the south, they were still riding the northern bus. With a southerner promising CHANGE at the helm this time, I expect no less than earth-shaking changes to happen. Let’s put everything on their head. Yaaaah!!


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