African Safari in Cebu?

Imagine yourself  aboard a  top-down vehicle enjoying a view of African gazelles grazing side by side with the zebras. Different species of deer running and jumping recklessly by the roadside are being watched by a pair of rhinos nearby. A family of giraffes are also   observing in the distance. The afternoon breeze is filled with unfamiliar sounds of different animals,   but one thunderous sound is distinctly recognizable- that of a roaring lion!

No… are not dreaming. The sounds and animals are real but you’re not in an African Savannah.

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Welcome to a wild  African safari ……… Carmen, Cebu..  A sprawling  100+ hectare conservation park is being developed by the prominent Lhuillier family for several years now. Located in the northern town of Carmen, the park is slated for opening in early 2017 as hundreds of different animals are still arriving from the tropical plains of Africa.

The highly secured nature park will also feature one of the largest aviary in the country and a swan lake where visitors can also take a boat ride.

dtl.francophoto credit to dtl.frasco

 Tourists keep coming back  as there is always something new in Cebu.  By the way, have you tried swimming with the whale sharks of  Oslob already?, what about the thresher sharks of Malapascua or the dancing sardines off Moalboal. How about our mountains and caves? Balay sa Agta in Argao, Mt Kapayas in Carmen, Bukilat cave in Camotes island…..and a whole lot more.

For the adventurous, I recommend mcpb, Cebu’s number one.







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