My Mivesa 


We visited Mivesa Garden Residences yesterday to check on the construction progress of  tower 3 where we have a unit acquired around two years ago.

I was totally surprised to see the first two towers already occupied by happy owners. Kids were splashing in one of the pools, their nannies chatting in the nearby function hall. The manicured gardens and lighted walkways are comparable to that of a high-end resort.


In the commercial area, a 7-11 is teeming with teens in their pajamas  working with school assignments while next to it, a laundry shop is  also bustling with business. More shops are opening soon I suppose.

I did not expect this low priced project to turn out this beautiful. Its more elegant than in the brochures.

But the best news probably is the timely delivery of the units. Hands down to Landmasters, this homegrown developer can claim the  bragging rights of walking their talk. A feat rarely seen in the industry nowadays.

My 30sq.m. corner unit with balcony  have appreciated by more than 30% in just two years, the increase in value bigger than my actual investment( the equity I paid in 36 installments zero interest.)

The rental rate and occupancy in the area is also promising, just as expected with its location.

From my unit’s balcony, I have a sweeping view of the immaculate gardens of the property across, a condo development with a price tag of 8M upward per unit. The same ambiance and view for less than half of the price. That’s the cherry topping!


Note: I am a unit owner of Mivesa Garden Residences and this is just my personal opinion and experience. I did not receive anything for writing this.


2 thoughts on “My Mivesa 

  1. Hello sir, this is Joie from Cebu Landmasters. Thank you very much for your entry and your encouraging feedback about your experience with Mivesa Residences. We are very happy to read this! Would like to know if you are okay with us sharing your blog entry in our Cebu Landmasters Facebook page? 🙂 Looking forward to your reply! Have a nice evening!

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    • No problem Sir, I’ve been sharing it myself everywhere hoping to encourage other developers to follow your example. I’ve been selling condominiums for a living for 19 years now and it pains me to see buyers frustration and helplessness when projects get delayed for years. My sister Carol of AEV has the highest standard and very hard to please, but she is very happy with her unit in tower one. Kudos to Landmasters, maayo untag manakod mo!


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