6 things to expect from President DU30 this week


Duterte Is A MASTERFUL Tactician And Strategist

It seems like a he’s been there for a long time already but President Duterte will actually just start his second full week in power today. And with the accomplishments of the first, which, many believe Digong has done more compared to the full term of his predecessor, it is surely going to be another exciting week ahead. Based on his pronouncements and actuations, here’s the things Filipinos should look forward to from Tatay Digong.

  1. F.O.I (Freedom of Information Law)- Hotly debated but was never passed during the previous congress for too obvious reasons or actually the lack of any.  Duterte promised during the campaign that his government will be transparent every step of the way and as of last week, a final draft of an executive order (E.O.) for the F.O.I law has been finalized already. Expect it signed this week  (but the scope is for all agencies under the executive branch only. To include the Judiciary and Legislative branches is to encroach on the separation of powers between the 3 branches of government).
  2. DURO (Duterte-Robredo)– The only love team that can probably give ALDUB  a run for its money, Filipinos are are all eyes and ears this week for the next chapter of what many insist is a budding intimacy between the bachelor from Davao and the lady from Naga. A welcome respite from the daily feeds on drug killings.
  3.  DU35 -The epic saga of Du30 + De Lima continues and whichever side you’re on, place your bets now.
  4. West Philippine Sea – the ruling of the International Maritime court is expected on Tuesday 11 am Philippine time,  and with the verdict, the world is waiting for the statements of  both the Chinese and Philippine leaders. Don’t worry, war is far-fetched, rather, look forward to a China-sponsored  railway system in Mindanao.
  5. Duterte’s List– after naming the 5 Generals,  many are looking forward for the next installment of Duterte’s List. Sources hinted that the next chapter is longer and includes the name of at least 25 mayors among others.
  6. Bilibid 19– President Duterte has given his ultimatum to the notorious big time drug lords inside Bilibid and knowing our president and his ultimatums, something is cooking (not shabu).  “Tingnan lang ninyo…..” as he often warns.

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