Malacanang suspends Cebu City Mayor

For ordering the removal of a center island in one of the barangays, Cebu city Mayor Michael Rama gets 60 days suspension from Malacanang.

With this development, holidays have come early for the UNA-affiliated local executive and a ‘hands-off’ during next year’s Sinulog festival. An event crucial for 2016 elections as millions are expected to converge in Cebu’s streets to witness the annual parade dubbed as Asia’s grandest festival.

hon michael l rama

We’ll see in the morning how the Mayor and his supporters will react to this news from the capital.

Mayor Rama is set to face in May 2016 erstwhile political mentor and former mayor Tomas Osmena (LP) in a much-anticipated rematch for the mayoralty post of Cebu. Rama gave Osmena his first taste of defeat in May 2013 in a showdown many thought was too lopsided in favor of Tomas Osmena but  surprise, surprise!

Unsay masulti nimo bai?

Source: Philstar News 12/09/15


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