Mar Roxas, the real Foundling


Hours after Mayor Rody Duterte filed his COC for President last Friday, the Exodus began. A sea of politicians crossing the sea of party politics. All towards Duterte camp. But, it cannot be more evident in Mindanao, where 80% of incumbent officials are allied with Daang Matuwid. Now it seems administration candidate Mar Roxas has reached the end of that road.

LP Mindanao chief, former Tagum city Mayor Rey Uy said it very precisely: “We’re throwing our support to the candidacy of Mayor Duterte as this is a once-in-a-blue moon opportunity that a Mindanaoan is running for the presidency….(LP) still has vice presidential and senatorial candidates to campaign for here,” Uy told the Inquirer. “We will try our best to make Roxas the second best after Digong ” Now, what makes that of Roxas, if not a foundling?

I believe what’s happening now is an eye-opener for Mar Roxas. The elusive dream to be President should stop here. He is a hard-sell. Lack of charisma, wrong choice for a wife and elitist image did it to him.

There is always life after politics Mar.

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