The International Space Station (ISS) traverse Cebu skies

Its not everyday that  you get to witness a man made structure as big as a football field fly-by in the night. I cannot forget that day, the eve of my 39th birthday. The day I  saw a UFO, but later turned out to be the International Space Station.

I was outside the house checking  on our Christmas lights just after the sun left and before the moon could appear in the horizon when I saw a strange light in the sky moving sideways, fast and too far in the atmosphere to be an airplane. I thought it was a falling star,  but the last time I checked, falling stars do not fall horizontally.

Out of curiosity, I checked the internet and only then I realized that the sky observatory of NASA just crossed the Philippines skies en route to Australia. I gathered more interesting information about this mammoth infrastructure in space, just in case my 7 years old son will ask me.

The path ISS took last Oct 27 2015

And timely as it is because today is the 15th anniversary of the International Space Station. Congratulations to NASA, and all the men and women who contributed to the success of this floating laboratory that has achieved so many things in the service of our kind, irregardless of nationality.


The International Space Station

The International Space Station, defiant of gravity and floating in communal space may remind us all of the true nature of our existence, as citizens of the Earth, our one and only home. 

Peace to all!

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