7 Eerie and Scary places in Cebu.

Warning: Do not continue reading if you’re alone in your room. Wandering souls can tell when you are scared and who knows what can happen. Ok, here we go…..

1.  Cosmopolitan Funeral Homes

morgueThe cadaver holding room. The corpses stored here are subject for identification and waiting for relatives to claim.  300 bodies from the ill-fated M.V Princess of the Stars stayed here for a while, but only a few were identified at all.  This is a place of restless souls, an eerie coldness permeates in the air even at high noon. Try going inside their chapels at midnight and tell us your experience.

2.  Villalon Mansion

1002119_624074494270680_1050940192_n_zpsc0ca18a1Its the huge mansion perched on a hill behind the Capitol building. Off limits to visitors but stories from around the neighborhood tells of a singing white lady every full-moon. The descendants of the owner are now based abroad, so for most part of the year, only ghosts dwell in the tranquility of its verandas and bedrooms.

3. Moncado hotel

moncado hotel sudlon cebuLocated in Sudlon 2, a timberland area 20 kms from city center. The huge three-storey wooden structure seems empty but the attendant will tell you they are fully booked except for room number 13. No hot and cold shower or buffet breakfast and the swimming pool is under maintenance since 1970, but you can visit one of their attractions here.  The glass crypt of its founder, Gen Federico Jayme, who died in one of the hotel rooms. Built to serve the needs of visiting Moncadistas (cult-like religious sect) but their number dwindled over the years. Creepy place frozen in time, and the residents here have flowing beards and hair that has not seen a barber since the hotel opening in 1966. They still welcome new members by the way…..

4. Hospicio de San Jose de Barili

hospicio1Located in the sleepy town of Barili, this 90 year old Home for the Aged has all sorts of ghost stories. The most common of which is that of a weeping old woman who is said to be waiting until now for her family. If you hear a woman crying at three in the morning, it could be her or maybe one of the present residents, also forgotten by family and just waiting to die. Departure area is a lonely place especially if it is your last trip .

5. Osmeña mausoleum

osmena mausoleum osmena mausoleum1Final resting place of  the wealthy 20th century Cebuanos. The intricate marble carvings and the huge immaculate white mausoleum speaks of grandeur yet the serenity of the place that has seen better days make the place spooky.

6. Vicente Sotto Memorial Medical Center (VSMMC)

927037-philippines-accident-seaFrom brutal murders to gruesome vehicular accidents, no other place in Cebu has witnessed more ‘departures’ to the other dimension than this 100 year old hospital, and none can be scarier than its morgue where space is exclusive only for those with black ‘boarding passes’ tied to the feet (or any remaining part of a body for that matter). At the strike of midnight, ghosts roam the hospital and sometimes play tricks to hospital staffs. Wanna check it tonight?

7.  Cebu psychiatric hospital


Behind the main building of VSMMC, there is a dilapidated two-storey structure  for those who ‘snapped’ and lost sanity . The violent patients are securely restrained while the harmless can freely move around the enclosure. The horrifying facial expressions and the eerie noise will make your hair stand and will reverberate in your dreams.

mental_hospitalBut how to determine if an individual is mentally sick or possessed by an evil spirit? A troubled mind is favorite dwelling place of lost spirits and as they say, when Hell is full, the dead shall walk the Earth….

Happy Halloween!


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