I am running for president too!


I am disappointed. Looking at the faces of those eagerly wanting to be the next President, I simply can’t take this sitting down. There is no way I will entrust my taxes to any of them for the next 6 years. I pity our country. I pity my children. I pity myself.

I am working hard and paying my taxes honestly. I sincerely feel shortchanged. I don’t deserve a president that:

  1. Denounced her citizenship. We cry in jubilation and cry harder in sadness depending on the outcome of a Manny Pacquiao fight (he won all his fights, but lost in the score cards) because its innate in us the feeling of patriotism and love for our country. Grace Poe did not blink when she denounced her nationality, not once but twice. I hope after you lose this election,  you will leave this country for good. Good luck but, i have denounced you already.
  2. Has been tried already in many cabinet positions but did not excel in any of them. From DTI to DOTC to DILG, nothing spectacular, except his words to Mayor Romualdez during the aftermath of Yolanda. I am not from Tacloban, but I felt their pain and agony. Like them, I promised myself…. “I will never forget Mar”
  3. Has accumulated so much as mayor and from his actuations, together with the help of his family,  will accumulate more  if you mistakenly shade the ‘bilog na hugis itlog’ beside his name. No way Jo!
  4. Speaks blasphemy and proud of it. Wha! Strike me dead, but I can’t imagine you madam as president of the Philippines giving speech before the United Nations then suddenly freaks out because the presidents of Russia and China are not listening. Utang na loob, its a catastrophe. If you can’t handle your temper, Wha! Huwag na lang.

I have a candidate in mind that has proven already his skills in management. He will make a good president and there is a resounding clamor for him to run but unfortunately, cannot be convinced, despite of  a record-breaking number of people shaving their heads and even if he is the most followed politician in social media ever.

Wait, why don’t we run for president too. There is still time, prepare your 2×2 picture and valid I.D. Proceed to the office of COMELEC tomorrow. Prepare a short speech for the media. Copy-paste a line or two from Marcos or Heneral Luna, then you’re good to go.

Do not tell them God instructed you to run even if he did because that’s a tell-tale of a nuisance. Smile with conviction before the camera, raise your fist or fingers, the middle one if you wish. That will make you newsworthy for the prime time news.

After a month, the Comelec en banc will ask you to convince them that you can wage a national campaign, you have a following in the entire archipelago and that indeed you can win this election. That’s when your fb account comes handy. by then you have created a page of your own and by the help of auto-likers, have accumulated a number of likes already.

Show them the analytics of facebook. Its very accurate and precise. for sure you have friends who are OFW’s and based in other countries who might support you. (don’t worry if not all your friends will support you, its normal just like the rest of the candidates. some of them cannot even convince their own relatives.)

My friend, you can be the next president of our country, or your neighbor, or your friend in fb, twitter, linkd-in or google plus. Your instagram followers and youtube subscribers can be the game-changer in this election.

So if Mayor Duterte will not file his candidacy by 5 pm tomorrow, let us file our own certificates of candidacy. Bring loose coins, they might run out of forms so be ready to photocopy them.

By the way, I belong to WN party (Way Ngan party) and my hashtags are:  #metoo and #DUgayaDu!

Add me in facebook, follow me in twitter and subscribe my youtube channel. See you during the campaign period. We can share a stage with other presidentiables and divide the cost. Live the essence of democracy!

Vote_______(your name) for President!

I will only be 39 yrs old and 6 months by May next year. Wha!


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