Readership Soars To A Shocking 3.2M Because Of Posts About Mayor Duterte

Proud to be a part of history. Finally, after the Spaniards, the Americans, and the mestizo elite of the capital, freedom ! Let the Warays rule themselves the waray-waray way, the Ilocanos, their own way based on their tradition and belief. The Bangsa Moro and the Ilonggos, we will celebrate our differences ,yet remain 100% Filipinos!

Thanks to Gov. Manny Piñol for his efforts on Federalism

President Duterte News

By Manny Piñol

Kidapawan City – Back in my farm in Kidapawan City after almost a month on the road with Davao City Mayor Rody Duterte, I woke up to a great surprise this morning to see a Facebook report which said that the readership of this page has soared to 3.2 million people this week.

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