Go Digong ! Federal Republic of Cebu supports you!

Decentralize the government and shift to Federal form – Restore discipline and order – Revive patriotism in our country.


Mr. Promdi ,Lito Osmena meets Digong Duterte.

I am a fan of P-Noy and his Daang Matuwid. I was hoping that a simple, honest and balding President will spur a culture of change among our people especially those in public service. But after 6 years, nothing was gained.  

It failed to move our people. Gamay ra ang natuwid, mas daghan ang natuwad!

When Jesse Robredo died and his story told, Filipinos realize what good governance is supposed to be. Again, I thought it will ignite a flame of change in our people. But nothing happened.

After a while, Jesse Robredo and stories of his statesmanship slowly vanished from public consciousness.

We arrested and charged the former president  with plunder, but we soon forget and the evils of corruption thrives again. 

We impeached and successfully removed the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court but right after judgement was rendered, stories of corrupt judges and hoodlums in robe reverberates again in the Judiciary. 

We incarcerated the Senate President along with two other prominent Senators. When the drama died down, the issue on graft and corruption almost considered taboo. No one talking but many are practicing in government offices from Luzon to Mindanao and even to our embassies abroad. 

When will we truly change? Kanang pakan-on tag papel sa presidente?

We don’t know what to do with our freedom and democracy, we need a strong leader to govern the country! 

We need DU30.

Calling all bloggers, journalists, broadcasters and every internet geek. Help us explain Federalism and its urgency to our fellowmen. Contact me!


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