‘James Bond house’ in Cebu!


Michael Banak. Changing Cebu’s skyline big-time.

If you’re planning to build a landmark tower or an iconic skyscraper, something grand and different, you would probably call Mr. Michael Banak of Crone Partners, Australia. An architect, designer and urban planner, his projects can only be described as  ‘stunning’. Arya Residences in Manila, 138 Brisbane and 400 George st in Australia are just some of his masterpieces.

Taft Properties commissioned him for the TAFT East Gate masterplan. Coincidentally, Taft East Gate’s competitor is also designed by Michael Banak. The Alcoves by Ayala Land Premier is located just two blocks away. In Lahug, the 46-storey 128 Nivel Hills is likewise a concept and design by the architect.

And a township he likened to Godzilla, the game-changer Mandani Bay by HT Land (Hongkong-Taft) is also a brainchild of Michael Banak and his associates at Crone Partners.

With all these skyscrapers coming from his drawing board, Cebu can expect a panoramic Banak-enhanced skyline soon.

But this story is not about a high-rise building after all, but may probably worth the same. A young Cebuano couple with “unlimited budget” commissioned him to design a hillside house. With the features and sophistication of  the house, Mr Banak refers to it as the ‘james bond’ house.


James Bond house in Cebu

Here’s Michael’s website.:



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