Traffic Bai?


Traffic! Everybody is complaining about it. Traffic na kaayo ang Cebu bai!  Unless you’re a hermit in seclusion, the worsening traffic situation in this city  must have alarmed you already. What is happening to our beloved Cebu? What used to be an inconvenience during rush hours and confined only in the major thoroughfares has now retrogressed into a metro-wide problem. Unpredictable and annoying, build-up occurs when you least expect it and when you’re in a hurry. The kind of traffic we all hate in Manila is already happening in Cebu.

As usual, we blame the government. Why not, its the convenient thing to do. After all, we are paying taxes. Every day hundreds of brand new vehicles are added in the streets. Toyota and Kia somehow produce cars faster than the Land Transportation Office (LTO) can generate the plate numbers.

Aside from blaming  the government and ranting in social media, is there anything we can do about the traffic in our city. Being the premier tourist destination of the country, aspiring to be one of the best in the world, we don’t want traffic to be a new attraction in Cebu.

Thousands of vehicles hitting the road at the same time.  Forget about the narrow streets, that is already a ‘given’. Sheer volume suffocates the road network, accumulates and create bottlenecks  in crucial junctions and in no time, the whole metro is overwhelmed.

Mga tambag bai:

1. Do not join the rush hour bandwagon.  Leaving an hour early or an hour late can save you time and energy. Adjust your schedule and plan your daily route. Remember, if you are caught in a snarl, you’re not a victim but accessory to the problem.

2. Pull-over. If you find yourself in a bumper to bumper traffic,  why not pull-over in a gasoline station or coffee shop with wi-fi and  do other things rather than burn fuel for nothing. Check your e-mail or LinkedIn profile.

3. Relocate. Either find a new school for your kids or relocate closer to their school, whichever is more practical. Let’s face it, infrastructure takes time to build, so expect this menace to linger for years to come. If you live in Guadalupe or Labangon, do not send your kids to a school in Talamban? There are good schools somewhere nearer.  Likewise, schools should be discouraged from accepting  students from the other side of the city.That is social responsibility.

4. Private companies should provide flexible working hours to its employees residing outside the city. Say, 9 to 6 am or 10 to 7 pm.

5. Buy a place in the city, whether a condo or townhouse. If you are single, living with your parents in Talisay city and works in the CBD or IT Park area, might as well buy a condo. Avoid stress early in life.

6. You travel alone in an 8-seater  AUV ? Why not give free rides and earn new friends.

Does fly-overs solve this problem? The answer is NO.  How about BRT? Again, NO! We cannot solve this unless we are ready to do our own share, sacrifice a bit for the common good.

The image of Cebu is at stake here. Tabang ta bai!


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