TAFT East Gate, the heart of bustling Cebu!

I spent the whole Eid Ul Adha holiday hovering above the city in a simulated flight, courtesy of Google Earth 3d map which now include Metro Cebu or a good portion of it. Since it is still a work in progress, some graphics need additional enhancement. It is more than enough though to change your perspective of Cebu, or is it just me getting excited about this?  Go ahead, Explore Cebu  in a virtual tour. You can go inside some of the buildings, dive underwater or just enjoy the 360′ degree scenery. An amazing technology with immense potential. And yes, its free.

Aerial view of Cebu reveal a densely populated urbanity running short on space for growth and expansion . Except for the reclaimed properties, Metro Cebu has already exhausted its flat lands and the only way to expand now is by going vertical. Our topography is very similar to that of Hongkong.

Being an old civilization, Cebu’s ancient road network is narrow, traffic congestion will be the next concern.. I went around the city looking for a strategic place to call home…. and found it easily, thanks again to Google Earth.

Halfway between the sea and the mountain range of Cebu, in an intersection where I.T Park and Cebu Business Park converge, is TAFT East Gate. Not for everyone though as units are limited and almost 50% sold-out already. An address of distinction, a rare privilege to call home, the heart of Cebu.


Designed by a world-renowned architect, Taft East Gate is  a blue-chip investment proposition, as property value is expected to increase steeply over the next 5 to 10 years. Rental rates, likewise, for residential condo units, projected to increase sharply as market demand remain at an all-time high.


Here’s a wide-angle view of TAFT East Gate location showing its proximity to three surrounding CBD’s .

So if you want a profitable, safe and secure real estate investment, look for the heart of a bustling city like Cebu.

You can never go wrong with the right location.


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