Mandani Bay: The Game-Changer in Cebu Real Estate

Look, the pictures are talking…



Yes, no need to further add flowery words to those images. Game-changer indeed.

Exciting times ahead for Cebu as HT Land, a joint-venture of Hongkong Land and homegrown TAFT Properties  start to develop a 20 hectare waterfront property in Mandaue reclamation into a world-class development at par with other Hongkong Land projects in other countries.  Marina Bay Sands in Singapore and One Central in Macau will show us of what Mandani Bay would look like…..

Centerpiece and landmark. Cebu’s Eiffel tower and Opera house combined?  Perhaps….

A project of this magnitude indicate that finally, Cebu has arrived. It is now competitive with other 2nd tier cities  of neighboring ASEAN countries like Surabaya Indonesia, Penang Malaysia or Danang Vietnam.

APEC conference and here comes this development, what could be the next surprise for Cebu?

Here’s more details about Mandani Bay:


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