Where is Assange? Is Wikileaks compromised?


Wikileaks Founder Julian Assange has been missing since October, on the final weeks before the U.S elections . This was preceded a series of mysterious events that people in the internet find too alarming to be just a mere coincidence.

Here’s a chronology of events leading to October 18:

Apr 16th: John Jones QC, Assange’s U.N. Lawyer dies jumping in front of a train.

May 11th: Michael Ratner, WikiLeaks’ chief counsel, dies of cancer.

Jul 10th: Seth Rich, DNC staffer who supposedly leaked DNC documents to Wikileaks, is shot in the back and dies. Nothing is stolen from his body.

Aug 5th: Edward Snowden (source of leaks on surveillance by the NSA) tweets 64 bit code (potential dead man’s switch),

Aug 10th: Wikileaks offers $20k reward for information on murder of Seth Rich.

Oct 7th: Podestamails leaks first batch.

Oct 14th: John Podesta tweets “I bet the lobster risotto is better than the food at the Ecuadorian Embassy”.

Oct 16th/17th: John Kerry visits the UK, personally pressures Equador to stop Assange from publishing documents about Clinton.

Oct 16th: Wikileaks tweets SHA-256 prerelease keys.

Oct 18th: Equadorian Embassy cuts off Assange’s internet access.

Oct 18th: Pamela Anderson visits Assange and feeds him a vegan sandwich.

Oct 18th: Witnesses photograph and report heavily armed police and vans outside Equadorian Embassy, are barred from approaching and have cellphones confiscated. Live feeds are cut off.

Oct 18th: Fox News reports Assange will be arrested in a matter of hours.

Oct 18th: https://file.wikileaks.org/file made publicly visible, file dates/timestamps changed to 1984 (Orwell reference).

Oct 18th: London Airport evacuated due to “chemical attack”, potentially used as cover to fly Assange out of country.

Here’s what happened since then:


Oct 20th: /r/wikileaks, /r/dncleaks, /r/wikileakstaskforce and /r/nsaleaks add 21 new moderators and remove previous mods, all threads about Assange going missing deleted since.

Oct 20th/21st: Wikileaks tweets 5 tweets with misspelled words. The incorrect letters spell “HELP HIM”. The Wikileaks twitter has never made a spelling error, let alone 5 in two days.

Oct 21st: Massive DDoS attack on US internet. Wikileaks tweets to imply the attack originates from its supporters, asking them to stop, no evidence supports claim.

Oct 22nd: Gavin MacFadyen (mentor to Assange and key player in Wikileaks) dies of lung cancer.

Oct 23rd: Wikileaks Tweets poll asking how best to prove Assange is alive (he still hasn’t appeared on video or at the window since).

Oct 24th: Wikileaks Tweets video of Assange and Michael Moore recorded in June.

Oct 26th: 4chan users successfully successfully decode their first message in Wikileak’s blockchain. Threads are instantly flooded by shills saying that it’s not worth looking into. The blockchain is blocked with fees and 43000 unconfirmed transactions appear in the mempool.

Nov 6th: Huge DDoS takes down Wikileaks for first time in years.

Nov 7th: Various entities notice hundreds of Podesta and DNC emails are missing from recent leaks, accessed with direct entry.


Gikan sa Cotabato hangtod sa Bato, Carbon, ug sa tibuok nasod naghitak kaniadto ang bato. 

Hangtod sa miabot ang Presidente nga suko kaayo sa bato, gitahasan niya si General Bato nga gukuron tanan namaligyag bato.

Sa Tacloban, patay sa ambush si Atty Bato, ang abugado sa tigpayuhot didto ug bato.

Sa Senado, gi imbestigar ang nangamatay nga may labot sa bato. 

Ang testigo nga si Mato-bato miingon nga makaila siya sa tawong nakabato apan bisan gamayng bato nga ebidensiya, wala siyay napakita. 

Ang chairman nga si Leila de Lima karon giimbestigar usab sa kongreso  kay gi ingon nga siya ang protektor sa negosyo sa bato sulod sa Bilibid. 

Human gibato ug pagsaway, gihulipan na si Senador De Lima apan gahi pa sa bato iyang paglimod,  matod pa niya, bato ug kasing-kasing ang 16 ka mga senador nga nagpalagpot niya.

Nabato namo ug binasa? Mao kana ang sugilanon nga nagsugod sa bato, ug bato usab ang sangpotanan! 


Remember September

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Dilemma ni De Lima

​Dili mo resign si Sen. Leila De Lima kay dili kuno siya guilty ug dili sab siya ‘weak’. 

    Uyab gani nimo mismo dili nimo angkonon, samot na tingali ug drugas!

    Gusto nimo wagtangon ang duda sa katawhan? Atubanga ang imbestigasyon sa Kongreso. 

    Maski kato na lng imo giingon nga..’may kaunting katotohanan dyan’ ..  sumpayi to. Kumpletoha ug asa ang tinuod. 

    Si Dayan, si Warren o silang duha?

    Naglibog gyud mi Madam De Lima. (Di na libog tinagalog ha)

    Mao nay dilemma!


    Sea of Garbage 

    ​This is about garbage crisis and if you love Cebu, this should worry you. 

    Calling the attention of Cebu city governmentMega Cebu , SRP locators and every true-blue Cebuano. 

    The garbage collection schedule here in barangay Guadalupe is supposed to be three times a week. Now its once every three weeks!  

    Few meters from my house is the once pristine Guadalupe river, now the dumping site of so many communities along the riverbank.

    Unless we do something about it immediately, in less than 10 years, Mactan channel will be as dirty as Manila bay. 

    Looking at those high-end restaurants in Il Corso, this thought scares me but I can guarantee, that panoramic view of the sea will soon turn into a view of sea of garbage. Very soon.

    We’re talking of tens if not hundreds of tons of trash going into the very heart of your beloved city everyday. Guadalupe river serves as boundary between the north and south district barangays. 

    You cannot blame the riverside communities. These informal settlers live in tight spaces with no room to spare to hoard their garbage. They have to dispose it everyday but the government can only collect it once a month! 

    According to Daniel Basañez, Vice President of Sitio Sta  Lucia Homeowners Association, they don’t have much of a choice, with rat infestation and all, the river offers a convenient and practical place to dump garbage.

    Mr. Daniel Basañez

    The next rain will carry all these things straight to Mactan channel, to the vicinity of SRP in less than a day. From broken t.v’s to all sorts of plastics. The river, now a giant sewer,  never fails to deliver on time! 
    There are so many plans you hear around from politicians to NGO’s about the river but until now, they remain as they are, grand and ambitious​ plans, while the dumping continue unabated. 

    Mr. Basañez ​promised to support any initiative that will provide alternative to the current situation.For instance, if they have the resource and means, on their own they are willing to collect the garbage in their community on a daily basis so this can be properly disposed.

    Improvised motorcycles like the one in the picture below is perfect for inner city settlements with narrow roads. 

    With the urgency at hand, intervention  is of utmost importance. The rest of those grand plans can easily follow.

    We cannot change the world, but we can make a difference, one community at a time.

    For those willing to help, just leave  a message.

    For further readings on the matter:

    Guadalupe river rehab (Sunstar June 2015) 

    Island of trash ( The Freeman March 2016)

    DENR Asks help for river clean-up

    Pari ug Human Rights 

    Uyon ko sa sugyot nga pakuyogan ug Pari ug taga Commission on Human Rights (CHR) ang mga operasyon sa kapulisan batok sa mga nalambigit sa drugas.

    Sila dapat ang mag-una. Sila dapat ipaon, aron dunay saksi kung mag hinanggaw ang mga pulis.

    Kung mosukol ang kriminal, sila usab ang buhing saksi sa panghitabo. Kana ug sila mabuhi.

    Kay sa gubat sa drugas, dili ang krus bitbit sa Pari ang gikalisangan kundi ang….

    .. dakong krus sa sam-ang!

    #binugha !

    World’s Largest Pearl 

    ​A 34 kg. pearl has been turned over  by a fisherman to Palawan Provincial Tourism Office. After keeping it for 10 years, he decided to hand this over to the government. Read more:GMA NEWS: 34kg Pearl

    If verified, this unusual find will break the current record of ‘Pearl of Allah’ or ‘Pearl of Lai Tzu’ as biggest in the world. With official weight of 6.4kgs, the mother of all pearls is now valued at 4 million U.S dollars.

    Unknown to many though, The deceased chairman of Crown Regency Hotels, Richard King, announced in 2013 to have in possession of a 9kg. pearl he referred to as ‘Pearl of the Kings’ said to be inherited from his grandfather. Read more: Philnews: Pearl of the Kings

    All three discoveries came from Palawan seas. 

    Danding Cojuangco, the mastermind behind Aquino murder

    It has been said so many times already, if Marcos wanted to kill Ninoy, He could have done it conveniently anytime while Ninoy was languishing in jail for  seven years. 

    Ninoy was even sentenced to death by a military tribunal, but Marcos didn’t carry out the verdict. 
    When Ninoy needed an urgent heart-bypass, Imelda Marcos personally arranged for his flight to the U.S. together with his wife Cory and all their kids.

    While in the U.S, Marcos didn’t fail to warn Ninoy of an intelligence report that the Communists will kill him should he return to the country. 

    And so, on that fateful day of Aug 21 1983, using the alias ‘Marcial Bonifacio‘ in a fake passport, Ninoy was daringly assasinated while disembarking from the plane. He was shot in close range before he could even set foot again in his native land. 

    The intel report was only partially accurate.  The threat did not come from the Communists, but from within a certain quarter of the government itself. A military conspiracy it was, but Marcos has nothing to do with  it.  The military officers who were tasked by the president to arrest and secure Ninoy upon arrival, apparently took a second instruction, from the brains behind the plot.

    The objective was to bring down Marcos. Killing Ninoy was merely ‘the means to an end‘. And true enough, Marcos was the convenient suspect, and his downfall came after just three short years.

    So who did it? 

    Danding Cojuangco

    First degree cousin of Cory and uncle of Noynoy. Blood family. 

    Pablo Martinez, one of the soldiers convicted for the Aquino murder in 1990, spilled the beans as early as 1994.  He became a born-again christian inside Bilibid and related to his fellow inmates the real story. 

    He named Danding Cojuangco as the mastermind behind the espionage.

    M/Sgt Pablo Martinez

    Martinez gave a chilling recount of the events leading to Aug 21 1983 and that, ‘Cojuangco boys’  paid the expenses in plotting the kill. read more: Newsbreak 11/23/07 story


    But Cory & Noynoy did not pursue this revelation. With the warm relationship between the two Aquino presidents (the widow and the son of Ninoy) and the United States, why did they never ask for assistance in the repatriation of two former military officers hiding in the US. Two crucial figures who were considered as the missing link in the quest for answer in Ninoy’s death. Read more: Manila Times story by Rigoberto Tigla

    Former Justice Secretary Raul Gonzales once divulged that early in her presidency, Cory was offered by an eyewitness to divulge the truth in exchange for a guarantee of protection for her family. President Cory asked who will be implicated by the witness. “Danding” Gonzales told her. “That’s stupendous” Cory reacted. The said witness vanished after that, never to be heard of again.

                  Death of a witness

    In 2014, while biking in Roxas boulevard, Martinez was run over by  an SUV vehicle. Witnesses said it was no accident. Read more: Interaksyon story on Pablo Martinez


    If Cory and Ninoy did not show interest in knowing the truth, could it be because they knew it all along? For me, these are easy to connect dots. Few days from today, we will commemorate the 33rd anniversary of Ninoy’s martyrdom. It is time to put closure to the issue. 

    In August 21, 1983, Ninoy and Marcos both died that day.